Why edible oil refinery is necessary?

full contunious oil refining equipment
400 tons contunious edibel oil refining equipment

Edible oil is indispensable in our daily life, no matter what kind of food you make. Especially in China, we have accumulated thousands of years diet culture, and edible oil quality will directly influence the food flavor. Thus high quality edible oil is definitely important. It is said that the edible oil without refinery is full of impurities such as gums, pigments, waxes, phosphatides and free fatty acid (FFA), among which some are harmful to our health. Edible oil refinery is essential to remove them and offer us the first or second grade edible oil.
Different oils need different process to get better quality. Our engineer can help you choose most suitable line according to your raw material and requirements. If you want to know more about edible oil refinery processing plant, please feel free to contact us.

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