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Edible Oil Refinery Plant Products

  • Automatic type vegetable oil refinery plant
  • Cooking peanut/groundnut oil refining machine
  • 1-20 T/D cooking oil refining plant
  • 1-20TPD sunflower oil refinery plant
  • Physical type fully-continuously palm kernel oil refinery plant
  • Corn germ oil refining  machine
  • High technology continuous cooking oil refinery plant
  • 3tpd palm oil refining process machinery

Thailand customer come to inspect palm oil refinery plant

Thailand is an important palm oil processing market in Asia. Thailand has a large demand for palm oil production. With many years’ effort, we successfully developed Thailand market. Our palm oil processing mill plants have formed a good reputation and strong competitiveness.

Thailand customer visit our factory
Thailand customer is watching the images for palm oil refinery plant
palm fruit thresher and palm oil refinery plant
Palm fruit thresher and palm oil refinery mill plant

On 11th,Nov, our Thailand customer with his trade partners visited our office building, our palm oil mill refinery plant manufacturing workshop, and visited our factory. Our best product and service, abundant company qualification and credibility made a strong impression on them.They are mainly for inspecting our palm oil mill refinery plant. Our engineer Mr Lei our sale manager Sophia introduced our advanced and precise technology to our clients. Which won our clients of loud shouts of applause.

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