Different oil seeds,different processing technology

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Edible oil machinery according to oilseed choose different processing technology in recent years, grain and oil processing is an extremely important part of social life, how to ensure that people enjoy their oil, is now the focus of concern. And  here we are talking about, the production of grain and oil processing equipment, oil equipment.

In the current oil processing machinery, a lot is not the same, the difference between what they do? Depending on the oilseed, and select a different processes. There are many types of plant oil, oil of different chemical composition, content, there are differences between the physical condition, therefore, different varieties of fuel oil should choose a different manufacturing process.

edible oil processing equipment
Edible oil processing equipment

Depending on the oilseed of the common will of its classification, so it is possible to select several typical methods to achieve production requirements.

To retain some special flavor of oil contained in the grease, because a reasonable choice of oil production processes. A lot of grease or oil protein having consumers of flavor, in order to maintain its products do not lose their flavor and excellent quality, you should choose the right oil production process and conditions.

Some oils contain anti-nutritional factors, or affect the product's special ingredient, in the choice of oil production processes and operating conditions, the removal of these components must be considered in order to improve the quality of their products. Avoid fuel oil or other ingredients in chemical change their products deterioration.

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