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Edible Oil Refinery Plant Products

  • Automatic palm oil refining machine
  • 2TPD edible oil refining machine
  • Palm oil refinery machines
  • Batch cooking oil refinery
  • Rice bran oil refining process
  • Big capacity soybean oil refining machine
  • Peanut/groundnut oil refining production line
  • Groundnut crude oil refinery machine

Customers from Egypt signed the sales contract with us for rice bran oil plant

rice bran oil plant
Main equipment of edible oil processing machine

After staying two days with us, our Egypt customers signed the sales contract with us for 50tpd rice bran oil plant. When they visit our cooking oil processing machine factory, it happens we deliver our 10tpd palm oil refinery and fractionation plant for our Peru customer. Egypt customers witnessed the whole delivery process and see our after-sales service with their own eyes, which also increased their trust to us and meanwhile facilitate the cooperation between us on the rice bran oil plant. We believe we will have a happy cooperation!
rice bran puffing machine
Rice bran puffing machine

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