Kenya customer 2t/day oil refinery line begin mass production

Date:Jul 21, 2016/ DOING News/ Chat online/ Leave a message
Good news! Good news!
Doing company begin the mass productions of 2t/day oil refinery line for Kenya customer, this Kenya customer signed contract at 4th,July, and we received the payment at 9Th July, 5days after signed contract, and from 13th July, our factory begin the mass production of the 2t/day oil refinery line.
And the production duration will take about 15-20days, and when the 2t/day oil refinery line is ready, we will ship to customer asap.
If you also want the 2t/day oil refinery line, just contact us, our company can provide you the full set oil refinery machine very soon.

oil refinery line
2TPD oil refinery line

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