Our Bangladesh customer came to visit our rice bran oil machinery line

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Our Bangladesh customer came to visit our rice bran oil machinery line and factory.He discussed rice bran oil machinery line with our engineers.He was impressed on what our engineer designed about his land and factory layout and the whole picture of his plan about the rice bran oil machinery line.
The customer has one large rice mill of rice and he will get rice bran after milling the rice.He also told us the rice bran material is very cheap and there are plenty of rice bran in their country,and before they also use the rice bran as fuels,the rice bran oil market hasn’t spring up yet.
  After our engineers told him the details about factory layout and the whole planning of the project and the consumption and so on,he said there was never an engineer told him about the project as detailed as us.
  Many countries grow rich paddy two or three seasons every year, many rice mill are established, and abundant rice bran are produced at the same time, in most places rice bran are used to feed animals or burned as fuel, that's great waste, since the nutrition of rice bran takes up about 64% of the whole paddy, rice bran contents 16%-20% oil. Rice bran oil is recommend by WHO as one of the three best oil for human health. After exracting oil, the rice bran meal protein can reach 18%, it is very good feed for animals and fish.
  The whole production line includes oil press machine, oil extraction(solvent) machine, oil refining equipment, palm oil fractionation equipment, sunflower oil dewaxing plant, decoloring process machine, deodorization process machine and other machine.


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