Palm oil production process

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Palm oil production process:
Palm oil production process is a whole process of producing palm oil, palm oil is extracted from fresh fruit bunches (FFB) by mechanical process, which is grown in tropical regions of Asia and Africa.
While palm oil producers rely on different techniques to extract this oil, the basic steps involved in palm oil production remain the same. Manufacturers must plant a supply of oil palms, and oversee their care through maturity. The fruit of the tree can then be harvested and pressed to release the oil.

The final step in palm oil production involves purifying the oil to meet the demands of various users
palm oil production process
palm oil production process
Summary of production process
1. Bunch reception
2. Threshing (removal of fruit from the bunches)
3. Sterilization of bunches
4. Digestion of the fruit
5. Pressing
6. Clarification and drying of oil
7. Oil storage
8. Kernel recovery

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